He may only be a 56% free-throw shooter, but @sighduck just dominated his final chemo treatment like an MVP. So proud and honored to call such a strong and inspirational individual my friend. A big thank you to all the friends and family that came out to visit him, kept him in their thoughts and prayers, sent positive vibes and messages, or any other form of support shown during these past few months. Many people in his same position aren’t as lucky to have such a wonderful support system so please continue to keep those people in your thoughts and wish them luck on their road to recovery. #fuckcancer

As much as I would have loved for Mourinho’s first home loss in 70+ games to have come from Arsenal, it’s almost as sweet having it happen to the last place team in the league.

Today, my great uncle passed away. He was the patriarch of our family as well as the conduit for our move to the States two decades ago. Not only was he my great uncle, but he was a great man as well; always willing to help out his family in any capacity. Fajik “Dajo” Nuhodzic, thank you for always being there for us and being a shining example of loyalty towards family and friends.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I would ask all of you to help honor my uncle’s memory by taking the time you would spend wishing me a happy birthday to call someone in your life and tell them how much they mean to you instead.

No need to worry about any sort of prophecies concerning tonight’s Blood Moon.

It’s just a reminder for my birthday on Wednesday.

Coachella kiss 4 years running @coachella #coachella #balloonchain #sunset #justfriends
Set Coachella ablaze like an Arcade Fire #arcadefire #coachella
Hey, you want to know what’s a lot of fun?

Simultaneously dislocating both of your thumbs at Coachella.

A #tbt and a #nationalsiblingday shout out to my little brother #brothers #laketahoe
What began as a simple toast turned into our first ever Coachella engagement. Congratulations, Jordan and Carly. #coachella #engagement